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Tattoo Tracing Paper and Stencil Transfer Pencils Pack

Tattoo Tracing Paper and Stencil Transfer Pencils Pack

Drawing Free Hand
1. Draw design on tracing paper
2. Use with the (B6) Stencil transfer pencil

Product Features

  • Here’s a nice little set that no tattoo artist should be without. No stencil paper? No Problem, in a pinch a piece of tracing paper and a stencil pencil will do the job just as well!
  • Bienfang Tattoo Tracing Paper 50 Sheets and 2 Stencil Transfer Pencil
  • Superior Tattoo Equipment ships product same business day if placed before 5pm EST. If your product is on back order or discontinued, we will contact the customer with option to change for different item or cancel the order.

List Price: $ 15.50


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